Frequently asked questions about Learn to Write Online

Do you have questions? Of course you do. Here are a few of the most common ones that might help you out.

Q Is there a time limit to send back the exercises?
A Yes, your tutor will tell you when to send it back when it is sent to you

Q Is there any minimum age for the course?
A Not really but probably from age 15 participants would gain the most benefit.

Q Do I have to be an English speaker in order to take the course?
A  You should ideally be competent in English in order to gain most benefit from the course.

Q Is there a waiting list for the course?
A No. You should receive your first module soon after you have signed up for the course.

Q Do I need to be an experienced writer?
A No. You will learn skills on the course. All you need is enthusiasm.

Q Will I benefit from the course if I have written before?
A Yes, certainly. You will be able to brush up your skills and you will be motivated to continue writing.

Q Can I spread out the cost of the course?
A Yes, select the option to pay over 3 months.

Do you have any other questions? sharon.colback@live.co.uk