Learn To Write Online: 12 Week Creative Writing Course

A creative writing course will help you to turn your love for words into literature.

Creative Writing CourseDon’t have the time or the money to attend a residential course? No problem. You can learn to write online, in your own time, starting right now.

All you need in order to benefit from this course is enthusiasm and the will to write. Bring those with you and you’re on the path to becoming an accomplished writer of short stories or even a best seller.

Just 3 Monthly Payments of $155 or £99

With Learn To Write Online: 12 Week Creative Writing Course, you will discover:

  • Three ways to bring ideas and memories to the surface
  • Some writing dos and don’ts
  • How to create interesting, believable characters
  • Why you need dialogue in your writing
  • What to do to make your dialogue realistic and lively
  • Simple steps to construct a strong plot
  • The importance of place and setting
  • Who is telling the story? Which voice you should use
  • What editors look for
  • Some tips when you are editing your work

With Learn To Write Online: 12 Week Creative Writing Course, you will enjoy:

  • Exercises that are fun to do and that improve your writing in great leaps
  • Constructive feedback on one exercise for each module
  • Learning how your final story could be strengthened
  • A boost to your writing confidence
  • That wonderful, satisfied feeling when you have finished your short story

With Learn To Write Online: 12 Week Creative Writing Course, you can be sure that you will:

  • Have fun doing the exercises
  • Be encouraged to let your imagination rip
  • Not feel intimidated
  • Never be made to feel foolish
  • Be nurtured in what you can do, not criticised for what you have not yet mastered
  • Learn from this course, no matter how little or how much you have written before

Your Learn To Write Online: 12 Week Creative Writing Course modules:

Every two weeks for twelve weeks you will receive one module. You will be asked to submit one specific exercise from each module for comment by your tutor. At the end of the course, you will be asked to write a short story and to submit it to your tutor for comments.

  • Lesson 1: Who’s who in your story? Characters and how to make them live
  • Lesson 2: Talk talk talk. Why dialogue is essential. Writing what sounds real
  • Lesson 3: Where are they? The setting for your story
  • Lesson 4: Who is telling the story? Is it him, or her, or me?
  • Lesson 5: Plot. How to construct a strong skeleton on which to flesh out your story
  • Lesson 6: What makes a good short story? Now write your own.

Just 3 Monthly Payments of $155 or £99