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12 Week Online Creative Writing Course
on Memoir Writing

What’s Your Story?

You probably have more than one story in you and, if you are like most writers, your first is likely to be about your life. So what’s stopping you from writing your memoirs? It is easy when you know how.

The first task is in deciding how to slice it up. Then you need to access the memories and choose how you want to frame them. Some of the techniques are the same as those you’d use for writing fiction, others are specifically geared towards memoir writing.

Perhaps your memoirs are for you to keep, or to pass on your children. Perhaps you hope to see them published and on a best-sellers list. Whatever you plan for your memoirs, the first step is to write them down. We are here to show you how.

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This 12 week online master class of memoir writing will guide you through six in-depth lessons. Each with comprehensive exercises and personal tutor feedback designed to grow your confidence and improve your story-telling technique. By the end of the 12 week course, you should be ready to start telling your story in your own words and unique style.

Writing memoir shares with journalism and fiction all of the techniques of good writing: character description, recreating place using all the senses; lively dialogue. Research is often a vital ingredient, as it can also be for the writer of fiction.

Before you begin writing you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • Which slice of life is to be the focus?
  • You can choose to write about a whole life, a particular age, for example from birth to 35, or a particular theme such as overcoming or living with disability or illness, the progress of a career or the impact of a traumatic childhood.
  • There are moral questions to answer such as ‘how much is it permissible to imagine or invent dialogue’? Can you fill in with intelligent guesswork the gaps in your knowledge of events?
  • How much research do you need to do into the period or person about whom you are writing?
  • How far back do you need to go in order to create a whole picture of the subject?

Memoir is not cut and dried chronology. It mines the past and uncovers the pay dirt. It can be a joyful process of remembering or a painful journey to dig up buried hurts. Each writer’s approach to memoir is different. It is not even as important to be utterly factually correct as to honour emotional truth. There is no absolute truth. It is inevitably coloured by individual perception. However, you should decide on your own stance before you begin to write.

The Memoir Course of Learn to Write Online covers these issues and in addition:

  • Who is your reader?
  • How to choose a voice for your memoir
  • Organising your material
  • Recreating the setting of your memoir
  • How to research effectively
  • Plumbing your memory
  • Personal decisions on how much of your life you want to reveal

The course ­­­­suggests numerous ways to arrive at decisions which are comfortable for you. It offers many exercises to improve your writing craft and to help to bring to consciousness hazy memories. It covers the many functions of dialogue and explores the ways in which character can be vividly brought to life.

Register for the memoir writing course and head off down memory lane with Learn to Write Online as your guide.

Just 3 Monthly Payments of $155 or £99