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Creative Writing Tips: 10 Tips for the Writers’ Toolkit

  1. Enjoy yourself! Don’t make writing a chore. It is fun. Why do it under sufferance?
  2. Allow yourself to get it wrong. Make mistakes. Write rubbish if that’s what comes out. We don’t learn from getting it all right but from getting it wrong and improving it later.
  3. Let your imagination rip. Take risks, experiment, don’t play it safe.
  4. Don’t judge your work negatively. Be pleased you got it onto the page.
  5. Let some time pass. Only then should you go back to see if you can make it better.
  6. Try writing with pen or pencil rather than a computer. Sometimes a physical connection with the page works better. If not, go back to your computer. See which gives you the best flow.
  7. Write morning pages. Spend ten minutes each morning flinging at the page whatever comes into your mind. Rubbish, expletives, repetition, it doesn’t matter. Skim the scum off your ideas before you get down to the good stuff.
  8. Don’t read your morning pages for three weeks. After that time, look at them in case there is an idea, a passage, a character, anything you can use in your writing. If there is a little nugget, don’t let it go to waste; if there isn’t, don’t worry.
  9. Don’t edit your writing while it is in progress. If you do you’ll be so busy nit picking you won’t have time to get your work on the page.
  10. Editing is a different phase. Write first, edit much later.