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Harness your imagination and the sky’s the limit

Free Trial of Online Creative Writing CourseWe help you learn the craft

Learn to Write Online will help you to achieve your dreams.

  • Gain confidence with all the basics you need to write
  • Learn how to make your characters spring off the page
  • Make your dialogue earn its keep
  • Create places your reader will recognise
  • Construct a gripping plot

You will learn this and more.

Harness your Imagination to your keyboard and before you have finished the course you’ll be brimming over with ideas you can turn into gripping stories.

At your own pace you will discover the simple secrets of how to write a page turner that will keep your reader hooked. It’s easy once you know how. Together, we can set you on the path to the most fulfilling life you can have – the writer’s life.

– Sharon Colback, B.A.

Learn to Write Online

Learn To Write Online: Creative Online Writing Course, will give you a thorough working knowledge of how to construct a story.

What you will receive:

  • Six, detailed modules, leading you step by step towards your goals
  • Feedback – a vital part of the course
  • Honest, encouraging critiques
  • Helpful comments to motivate and encourage you to sharpen your skills

Contact: sharon.colback@live.co.uk