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You want to write. That’s why you’re here.

You have the urge, we supply the craft.

Do you want to write novels that appeal to a mass market or to win the Booker prize? It doesn’t matter what your dream is. First you need to learn your craft; make your characters spring off the page; give them authentic voices your readers will recognise; set them in the places that ring true. That’s what we teach you. Imagination and inspiration is your side of the bargain but even while you are taking the course, you’ll be brimming over with ideas you can turn into gripping stories.

Learn to write online, at your own pace learn the simple secrets of how to write a page turner that will keep your reader hooked. It’s easy once you know how. Together, we can set you on the path to the most fulfilling life you can have – the Writers’ life.

– Sharon Colback, B.A.

Our Creative Online Writing Courses:

Learn To Write Online: Creative Online Writing Course, our flagship course, is excellent in giving you a thorough working knowledge of how to construct a story.

Learn To Write Online: Memoir and Biography Writing Course is for those of you who want to set down a record of your life or that of somebody else who has inspired you. Perhaps you want to write your own family story to leave for children and grandchildren. This course could be just what you need to get going and see your project through to completion.

With each of these courses you will receive detailed modules, leading you step by step to the fulfilment of your goals. Feedback is an important part of the course and you’ll receive honest, positive critiques to encourage you.

Learn To Write Online: Creative Online Writing Course

Learn to Write Online: Memior and Biography Creative Online Writing Course

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